What is UX Design and more importantly, what is user experience?

How are your customers likely to access your site, is it on the move or behind a desk? Perhaps it is in the evening on the sofa? The next question is what are they using your site for, what information do they need to access and what journey will they take through your website? This is all known as User Experience. Your website needs to be designed with all this in mind. Food for thought, but something we take into account in our designs is the user experience. User experience is the journey an end user, and your customer, takes on your website. Can they interact in the way they want to and that you had in mind? Does your site display the information with both design and functionality in mind?

User Experience Design is an approach to design that takes into account all the aspects of a website with the user, your customer. That includes not only the beauty and function: (usability and accessibility), but also things like delight, and emotion—things that are harder to engineer and achieve. An experience is a personal moment felt by people; something we don’t own as Designers. However, we can design and build for it.